Group Classes

I offer weekly group (and private) lessons in Aberdeen. If you live away from Aberdeen and can organise a pool and some interested swimmers, I am happy to travel to anywhere in Scotland to teach.

Group classes include:

Water Confidence

This four-week course offers an introduction to the fundamental skills needed before learning to swim strokes and a chance to explore and develop a relationship with the water. You will discover the art of stillness in the water and the joy of moving and breathing in it without fear and tension. At your own pace, you will work towards submerging your face and how to float and regain your feet comfortably. As for all Shaw Method lessons, I will always be in the water with you.

The Strokes (breaststroke, front crawl, back crawl, butterfly)

These are six-week courses for those who want to improve a stroke, learn a new one or simply discover the joy of swimming the Shaw Method. Participants should already be happy to submerge their face. Beyond that, whatever your level of ability – beginner to advanced – you will learn that the way you use and align your body is critical to swimming any stroke without strain. You will develop ease and power in a familiar, or a new, stroke. We will also cover the four Principles of the Shaw Method, the fundamentals of using your body well to work with the water and the progressive stages for building a sustainable and effective stroke.

Improvers Classes (one off sessions, Front Crawl or Breaststroke)

For those of you who have done stroke lessons (private or group) and feel you would benefit from some revision and personal pointers, to keep your practice alive, enjoyable and mindful. The emphasis is on swimming, at your own pace, with attention to the good use of your body. I will give each participant some one-to-one time. We will also explore some fundamental skills appropriate to the whole group. You can come every month, or just whenever you feel ready for some new ideas to liven up your practice. Whether you can swim 3 strokes or 3 miles, do come along and keep the “pure fluid joy” alive in your swimming.

Weekend Workshops

If you like a small group environment (max 6) but can’t commit to the same time each week, or live too far away from Aberdeen, these workshops will take you through all the practices for a stroke, in one day. Whether you want to improve your technique, or learn the Shaw Method for the first time, this format is for you. We will practice the movements on dry land and have 2 x 90 minute (approx) pool sessions. You will be amazed at the progress you can make in only a few hours.

Workshops with Steven Shaw

I also teach group classes in Aberdeen with Steven Shaw (founder of the Shaw Method) about twice a year.

Gift Tokens

Gift tokens are available in multiples of £20 which can go towards private, shared or group lessons. They are great for:

  • Encouraging a friend or family member who would like to enjoy the water, but is frightened to take the plunge.
  • Offering a new approach to easing muscle pain or weakness or combatting stress.
  • Introducing a different focus to help competent swimmers add ease and power to their strokes.
  • Ending boredom in the pool and a chance to discover PURE FLUID JOY in the water!

To find out more about gift tokens please contact Sue.