Remedial Massage

Massage is about muscles!

We all have them and we all abuse them, whether by being a ” slouch potato”, spending hours at a computer, carrying children or running marathons.

Our muscles move us around. But they also keep us upright and stationary – sitting still is a hugely demanding muscular activity. When we stress our bodies further with injury, exhaustion, emotions (watch what happens to someone’s posture when they’re sad), high heels, shopping bags our poor muscles have to work even harder. The golden rule we know (and usually ignore!) applies to our muscles too: “working under stress is detrimental”.

What our muscles need is a good balance of exercise and relaxation. Many people think that exercise and stretching are synonymous, and that relaxation means slouching in front of the telly. In fact, exercise shortens certain muscle groups and can contribute as much to postural problems as inactivity. Relaxation is a conscious process of releasing tension while also quietening your mind.

So how can massage help you?

The massage I offer is deep and complete. It helps to maintain and restore health and to lessen your risk of further injury. It stretches and balances muscles, flushes out toxins, helps posture and strengthens your ability to fight infection. It is deeply relaxing, helping you to sleep well, and giving you more energy to face your day.

Massage sessions

I work from home on the edge of Westhill. Massage sessions are usually one hour long.