Dry land practice with Sue

I teach Shaw Method private lessons tailored to your needs and aims. I also teach regular weekly group classes in Aberdeen. The lessons will never push you beyond what feels safe, but be ready to be surprised at what you can do!

All levels are catered for, from novice swimmers to those wishing to compete. You can learn how:

  • to feel at home in the water
  • to swim with your face in the water
  • to breathe easily while swimming
  • to leave the pool more relaxed and energised than when you got in
  • to swim the most easeful front crawl you’ve ever seen
  • to swim breaststroke without straining your neck, back or shoulders
  • to swim backstroke with confidence
  • to swim butterfly at any age
  • to conserve energy and gain competitive advantage.

I currently teach one hour private lessons at various venues.

(Lessons missed, or cancelled within 48 hours, must be paid for).

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Lessons in other venues in North East Scotland

I’m currently looking at teaching in other pools, anywhere in Scotland. If you are interested in lessons in your home town and/or can suggest a pool please use the contact details on this page to get in touch.

Your first lesson

I will meet you on the poolside. Please be there promptly, changed and ready to go in the water. You will need a well-fitting pair of goggles. I have a selection of these, as well as caps, to sell, when I see you, if you would like.

Gift Tokens

Gift tokens are available in multiples of £20 which can go towards private, shared or group lessons. They are great for:

  • Encouraging a friend or family member who would like to enjoy the water, but is frightened to take the plunge.
  • Offering a new approach to easing muscle pain or weakness or combatting stress.
  • Introducing a different focus to help competent swimmers add ease and power to their strokes.
  • Ending boredom in the pool and a chance to discover PURE FLUID JOY in the water!

To find out more about gift tokens please contact Sue.