About Shaw Method Swimming


“Since finding the Shaw Method my experience of swimming has changed from cold, wet, boring to pure, fluid, joy!”

Transform your experience of swimming with the Shaw Method


The Shaw Method, founded in 1987 by Steven Shaw (pictured above with pupil), applies the principles of the Alexander Technique to swimming.​ Thousands of people, in many countries around the world, have developed their core swimming skills and transformed their experience of the water through this approach. The Shaw Method teaches people to use their body and mind without strain, both in and out of the water, improving poise and flexibility and promoting good body alignment, thus minimising the risk of injury.


The Shaw Method is taught in the water with the student: hands-on direction, demonstration, verbal guidance and video feedback are combined in a dynamic, effective and enjoyable form of instruction, and adapted to suit the individual.


The Shaw Method is suited to everyone who wants to enjoy the water:


  • those wanting to overcome their fear of water and to discover the joy of swimming;
  • novice swimmers who want to improve their technique or learn a new stroke;
  • those recovering from operations or living with pain, injury, anxiety or conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease;
  • those looking for a life-long activity which will improve their quality of life.